Multiple contract expiry dates on NSE site

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If you are one of the person who use Get Quote link under Derivatives section of NSE’s home page, then you might have noticed a change. Now a day, it has started listing 2 expiry date in each month as shown below in the picture.

Multiple Expiry Dates on Get Quote section of NSE site

Multiple Expiry Dates on Get Quote section of NSE site

Ever wondered why is it so? Here is the reason.

It is because, NSE has recently introduced trading in F&O of US indices i.e. DOW and S&P500. They are based on  original futures contract that is traded in US.  The original contract in US expire on 3rd Friday of the month, hence the contract in NSE also expires on 3rd Friday of the month. To allow this, the quote section of website is allowing to select 3rd Friday’s date in expiry date field. Example – In above picture, 16-Sept, is valid with S&P500 or DOW index in second field.

For Nifty, the expiry date should be 29th-Sept or last entry for the month, cause our F&O series expires on last Thursday of month which will always be after 3rd Friday of  month..

Hope  this helps in removing a doubt in your mind.

Happy Trading

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  • viren
    14 May, 2013, 18:43

    nice share .. thnak you… this has clear me on this topic….

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