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FAQ, How-to

Top 10 beginner’s questions on Options

How to learn trading options?

How to plan an options trade?

How to trade bearish view with options?

What parameters to use in black-scholes calculator ?
What is the difference in option excercise and square-off?
Is options trading difficult?
Understanding Option Quote on NSE Site
List of few good books to learn options trading
How to hedge Short-Futures position using options?

Option Pricing

Understanding options Greek – Delta

Option Strategies

Selecting right options strike-price
Bullish option strategy – Long Call
Bullish option strategy – Short Put

What are options spreads?
Selecting appropriate options strategy for current market condition
Compare normal-spreads, ratio-spreads and back-spreads strategies
Hedging overnight futures position using options
Strategy for mild-bearish to range-bound market conditions
Placing stops for an options trade
Options strategy for trading increase in volatility
Comparision of Long-Call v/s Short-Put strategy
Comparision of Short-Straddle v/s Short-Strangle strategy

Trading Psychology

Mind-over-market – Video by Mark Douglas
Creating wealth and law of attraction
Collection of Trading psychology videos

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