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Welcome to NiftyOptionsTrader.com – The place that helps Options trader in Indian Market, especially NIFTY Index options, to learn more about options and earn more from trading them.

Why this blog ?

Besides trading, I am passionate about helping others. This is my way of giving back to the society what I have gained from it. I write actively on trading forum www.traderji.com with id AW10. Please check out my threads there (Low risk options trading strategy and Trading NR7 Setup).

The purpose of this blog is to help option traders in improving their trading results. Through this blog, I am attempting to share my experience, knowledge and skills with traders and help them in their journey to trading success. I can relate very well to the difficulties that any trader will face on this journey because I have been through all that . It is tough journey but with right help at appropriate time, it can be crossed easily. But, the rewards are certainly worth the pain.

About me

I am Trader Anup. I’m an active trader and make consistent earning from trading. I trade in US and Indian market. I primarily use following instruments for my trading

  • SPY options –ETF on S&P500
  • S&P500 futures (E-Mini)– i.e ES contracts
  • USO – ETF to trade Oil
  • IAU- ETF to trade gold
  • SLV – ETF to trade Silver
  • NIFTY Futures – Index Futures to trade Indian market
  • NIFTY Options – Index options to trade Indian market

    My Trading Experience

    I have been in the stock market since 1997 as passive, long term, buy and hold, investor. After about 9 years as passive investor and having lived through dot com crash as well the bounce thereafter, I realised that in order to really make money in the market, our EXITs are far more important. And if one doesn’t have any strategy to book profit or cut loss, then the net gain over long term fluctuates a lot. So, since 2006, I have started active trading. I have read many books on technical analysis and more I read about this subject, more I got interested in this. Even after improved knowledge, my trading results did not improve much. Rather, I was lot more confused now because when few indicators are giving buy signal, other set of indicators giving contradictory signals.

    Foundation of My Trading (Knowledge)

    It is when I came across professional traders and attended their mentoring program – to develop trading psychology, to develop trading plan and to develop trading systems that suits my personality.
    I am also trained in Options Trading. I have also invested in gaining professional education on daytrading E-Mini from trader Jim (http://www.eminimaster.com). But the real change in my trading results started coming after I have done a course on Trading Psychology by leading Trading performance coach – Steve Ward. Learning and guidance from them have placed my trading on different track now.

    To strengthen my foundation of technical analysis, I decide to do certification in this. Currently I am member of Society of Technical Analysis (STA), UK (their website www.sta-uk.org) and also hold their Diploma certificate since April-2008.

    Trading Skills

    As I started my journey to become Professional-Trader, I was influenced a lot by the concepts and approach given by leading professional coach for traders and Investors – Van K Tharp. I have developed by trading methodology by picking up the pieces from Van’s method and what I have learned from other traders or books.

    Here is my simple formula for trading success.

    Patience + Discipline + Money Management + System = Profit.

    My trading can be summarised in following 9 points

    1) Get the big picture of the market
    2) Identify right instrument to trade
    3) Identify the current trend of instrument in 3 timeframes – short, medium and long.

    a. For day trading my timeframes are – short (3 minutes), medium (15 minutes), long (60 minutes).
    b. For swing trading my timeframes are – short (<5 day), medium (upto 20 days), long (>20 days).
    c. For positional trading my timeframes are – short (<20 day), medium (upto 100 days), long (>100 days).

    4) Identify the current market condition
    5) Select right trading system for current market condition
    6) Scan for right trade as per the rules of trading system
    7) Apply position size and money management rules
    8) Take the trade
    9) Manage trade for exits as per the exit rules of the trading system

    To know more about me or my trading, feel free to drop me a mail using the contact me page.

    Thanks for visiting my profile.

    To your trading success

    Trader Anup

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